Lithotrip Caplets

Lithotrip exerts broad spectrum therapeutic activity in various types of urinary disorders like urinary calculi (kidney stone), urinary tract infections, chronic kidney diseases and prostate associated disorders. The ingredients of lithotrip also helps prevent the kidneys from ill effects of various chronic illness like Hypertension and diabetes.  Also it tones the functioning of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and prostate gland

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Each Caplet contains-

Chandraprabha vati-200mg. Gokshuradi Guggul 150 mg, Ashwagandha Ghana 120 mg, Varuna Ghana 100 mg, Saindhava 100 mg, Chinchakshara -70 mg, Shankha Bhasma -60 mg.Triturated with Varuna Kwatha.


Prime Indications- All types of renal calculi, Recurrent urinary calculi, Prevention of urinary calculi post lithotripsy, Cystitis, Burning micturition

Supportive indications- Enlarged prostate, As an adjuvant in Chronic Renal Failure

Proprietary Product

Urinary disorders

2 Caplets twice a day