Mouktik Bhasma

This medcine is an excellent cooling agent. It shows excellent efficacy in treating various disorders associated with burning sensetion in different parts of body. It can be used  to treat conditions like Burning in palms and soles, Dysuria, Dysphagia, Neuralgia etc. It also acts as a cooling on the nervous system and can be used in various psychiatric disorders presenting with aggressiveness and restlessness. Due to its rasayana and medhya properties it also acts on disorders like Unmad, Apasmar etc.

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Moutik Bhasma

Dysuria, Dysphagia, Burning palms and soles, Bleeding disorders, Anger, Aggression, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, Diabetes.

Pittaja disorders, Sarvanga daha, Raktapitta

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