Bruhat Vatchintamani Rasa

This gold based preparation is considered to be a panacea for various disorders due to derangement of vata. It shows excellent result in various cardiovascular disorders and also protects heart form ill effects of various systemic illness like Diabetes and Hypertension. It is also effective in treating various neurological disorders like paralysis, neuralgia and various neuropathies. It is also a boon for patient suffering from chronicarthritis. Due to its unique combination it enhances strength of the body.

MRP: 3105 Rs.
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Suvarna Bhasma- 3 parts, Raupya Bhasma- 2 parts, Abrak Bhasma- 2 parts, LohaBhasma- 5 parts, Praval Bhasma- 3 parts, Mauktik Bhasma- 3 parts, Parad Bhasma- 7 parts, Bhavana-Kumari swaras churna (Piper nigrum)- 1 part, Pippali churna (Piper longum)- 1 part, Dhattur beej churna (Datura stramonium)- 1 part, Tamra bhasma- 1 part, Tamalpatra churna (Cinnamomum tamala)- 1 part, Twak churna (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)- 1 part, Ela churna (Eletteria cardamomum)- 1 part, Nagkeshar churna (Mesua ferrea)- 1 part, Shankha bhasma- 1 part, Bilwa majja churna (Aegle marmelos)- 1 part, Kachora churna (Hedichium spicatium)- 1 part Bhavana- Bhringaraj swaras (Eclipta alba)

Angina pectoris, various other cardiovascular disorders, Arrhythmia Hypertension, Cardio protective, Paralysis, Neuropathies, Neuralgia, Chronic arthritis, Feeble pulse

Bhaishajyaratnavali, Vaatvyadhi Chikitsar

Vatpittashamak, HrudyaRakshak, Rasayana.