Triphala Guggul

This medicine is one of the best anti-inflammatory drugs due to its two major ingredients i.e Triphala and Guggul. Triphala is an excellent lekhan and also helps in healing wounds. Guggul is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and also lekhan. It is effective in piles, fissure, edema, boils and wounds.

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Triphala churna- 3 parts, Pippali churna- 1 part Shuddha Guggul- 5 parts

Obesity, Wounds, Post-surgical wounds, Chronic Non healing ulcers, Fistulas, Fissure in ano Piles, Edema

Sharangdhar samhita, Madhyam khanda

Bhagandar, Gulma, Shoth, Arsha

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