Kamdudha Rasa (Mouktik Yukta)

This product  offers the regular  benefits of Kamdudha rasa along with goodness of Moutik bhasma. This makes its more cooling and potent in treating various disoders related to pitta. Also it removes the disorders in blood and also protects the heart and bloodvessels.

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Praval Bhasma 1 part,Shoutik bhasma 1 part, Kapardika bhasma 1 part, Shankha bhasma 1 part, Guduchi satva 1 part, Suvarha gairika (Shodhita ) 1 part and Moutik bhasma 1 part.

Hyperacidity, Acid peptic disorders, Renal disorders, Hypercholesterolemia, for reduction of cardiovascular risk, Dysuria, Herpes zoster, Post herpetic neuralgia, sun stroke etc.

Rasayogsagar, Pratham bhag

Pittashamak, Sheetal, Dahashamak, Trushnashamak, Raktastambhak, Raktaprasadak & Mootral

As directed by the physician