Praval Panchamrut (Mouktik Yukta)

It is one of the best antacids in Ayurveda and is highly effective in abdominal bloating, indigestion and hyper acidity. It is a tonic to the whole gastro-intestinal system, exhibiting its action mainly on Liver and Spleen. It helps to cure Ascites, Diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is also useful in diseases of the heart, cough and Asthma. It alleviates the irritation and burning sensation of urinary tract and hence effective in urinary disorders like calculus, urine retention, etc

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Praval Bhasma  2 parts,Mautik bhasma -1 part,Shankha Bhasma-1 part,Shautik Bhasma -1 part,Kapardika Bhasma -1 part,Bhavana Arka dugdha (Calotropis gigantean).

Acid peptic disorders,Indigestion,Ulcerative colitis,Diarrhea,Diabetes,Cardiovascular disorders.Disorders of urinary tract.

Bharat Bhaushajya ratnakar, third volume, 

Anaha,Gulma,Udara,Pleeha,Shwas,Geahani,Atisar,Prameha,Kasa ,shwas,Atisar,Ajeerna,

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