Rasakalpas are a group of medicines in which Mercury and many other metals and minerals are used as key ingredients. The specialty of these medicines is that they are fast acting and are highly potent i.e they are highly efficacious even in a small dose. Moreover these products work miraculously in dreadful diseases and are beneficial even in cases of medical emergencies. Recent research studies have demonstrated that mineral based Ayurvedic products are composed of Nano particles, thus we can say that Rasakalpas of Ayurveda are Nanao-Pharmaceuticals prepared with traditional Indigenous methods. We, at Ayurved Rasayani are fully aware of the forte of the Rasakalpas and also your expectations on their efficacy. Therefore our sole objective is to manufacture best quality Rasakalpas. We do not believe in compromising the quality of raw material for the purpose of reducing manufacturing cost and so we ensure that raw material used in our processes is of the best quality, use of 99.9% pure Mercury being just one such example. Raw materials pass stringent quality control norms before they are processed further. Bio-purification and incineration of the constituents is carried out meticulously. The Rasakalpas are prepared as per classical references and the final product then undergoes rigorous quality control processes. Also, we manufacture our own API (Active Pharma Ingredients), which further adds to the unique properties of our Rasakalpas. So, when you use Rasakalpas produced by Ayurved Rasayani, we assure you of best therapeutic benefits in your patients.
Sootshekhar Rasa (Sadha)
MRP: 2066
Chandrakala Rasa
MRP: 2671
Ekangveer Rasa
MRP: 3085
Vatagajankush Rasa
MRP: 2319
Laxmivilas Rasa
MRP: 1668
Mahavatvidvansa Rasa
MRP: 2171
Krumikuthar Rasa
MRP: 1252
Out Of Stock
Shwaskuthar Rasa
MRP: 1087
Tribhuvankirti Rasa
MRP: 1267
Garbhapal Rasa
MRP: 1954
Laghumalini Vasant Rasa
MRP: 1738
Agnitundi Rasa
MRP: 1252
Kanak Sundar Rasa
MRP: 1252
Laxminarayan Rasa
MRP: 1439
MRP: 1920
Bolbaddha Rasa
MRP: 2400
Kamdudha Rasa (Sada)
MRP: 1183
Kamdudha Rasa (Mouktik Yukta)
MRP: 4173
Laghu sootshekhar
MRP: 1057
Praval Panchamrut (Mouktik Yukta)
MRP: 6942
Sukshma Triphala
MRP: 1043
A. R. Tapyadi Loha
MRP: 5007
Gandhaka Rasayana
MRP: 1147
Out Of Stock
kamdudha (M.Y.)
MRP: 180
Praval Panchamrut (Mouktik Yukta)
MRP: 300
Sukshma Triphal
MRP: 125
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